One Waterfront Place

WVU Student Family Resources (SFR) offer a private home-like atmosphere for nursing mothers in Room 3115 on the 3rd Floor of One Waterfront Place. SFR strives to promote a family-friendly environment for WVU students, faculty, and staff. Nursing mothers utilize this room and find answers to their toughest questions with books and pamphlets available on breastfeeding and related topics. The Lactation Room offers private comfortable seating with soothing music for relaxation. Educational materials on breastfeeding, nutrition, and related topics are available for users along with a small table and refrigerator.

WVU Lactation Network

Visit the WVU Lactation Network for a number of lactation rooms available across campus for WVU faculty, staff, and students.

La Leche League

La Leche League International is a nonprofit organization based in Schaumburg, Illinois. It was founded in 1956 by seven women who wanted to help other mothers learn about breastfeeding. According to La Leche League data, corporate lactation programs help promote a commitment to employee well-being and save companies thousands of dollars per year in the process. A recent study of one company revealed that a corporate lactation program for employees who breastfed produced a savings of $240 thousand annually due to decrease in health care expenses for mothers and their children. Reduced employee absenteeism among breastfeeding mothers was also shown to save $60 thousand annually. A corporate commitment to breastfeeding not only increases the duration of breastfeeding relationships, but also enables a more productive, cost- effective business. Call 847-519-7730 to learn more about LLLI or 800-LA LECHE (525-3243) for immediate breastfeeding concerns. Visit their Web site at

Feel free to: visit the Lactation Room in On the third floor room 3315 of One Waterfront Place or contact Student Family Resources for more information.